Day 1 Of The New “Blog”

Hi Everyone!

So happy that you have come to join me in the grand opening of my new Blog Restaurant! 😉

First, let me introduce myself: I’m Nikki. I love art, writing, and I especially love food. So what better way to express these loves than to blend all three together?

What you can expect to find in this blog are recipes that I have come to favor over the years, random musings about food, my photography/art that is centered around all things culinary, tips and information on cooking and food stuff, reviews on restaurants and food, and random food related events that may be happening in Toronto.

Some recipes posted will be favorites that I’ve found in books or websites (with a reference of course), recipes that I’ve tailored to my own tastes and created something new from a basic outline, and even recipes that I have created in one of my frequent bizarre moments in the kitchen when I’m holding four or five ingredients that I haven’t the foggiest clue as to what to do with them.

No matter what the type of the recipes I happen to post, I promise they will only be the yummiest of the yummy!

I hope you enjoy the entries to come, and I look forward to hearing feedback, questions or requests in the future!

Check back soon for new posts!



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