Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee – Product Review and Tips

Sitting inside a Starbucks with my husband Joe on one of our weekend Starbucks coffee dates, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the smell of the Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee. I decided to purchase a small bag to take home. This coffee is simply amazing. It is light, and best used for a breakfast coffee. Maybe even a light after-dinner coffee. It has a bold aroma, but is very light and smooth to drink. With this coffee, if you want it stronger definitely use 3 scoops of beans instead of just 2 when grinding. This coffee works great as an espresso for use in many christmas beverages because of the spiced flavour. It almost has a hint of cinnamon…I’m not quite sure what else. Very pleasing taste, and I highly recommend a trial of this blend before it’s no longer available! 

Note: I’ve found that a great way of brewing a single cup of espresso (or coffee) with fresh grinds is to use a single cup coffee maker. (I like to use a french press when brewing regular coffee so that I get a different texture and the full flavour of the coffee bean, but here I will discuss a different method that works particularly well for espresso–well obviously not espresso machine espresso, but just super strong concentrated coffee.) This is basically a piece of plastic that has two parts. One part contains a nylon coffee filter,the other part has a handle (shaped like a cup) with holes on the bottom. This piece fits on top of the bottom part with the nylon coffee filter. The whole item fits on top of your coffee mug. You place the grounds into a paper coffee filter, and set the filter inside of this “cup” that sits on top of your coffee mug. You boil water in a kettle, and pour the water slowly and evenly into the coffee filter. 


  • When using this method to brew coffee, pour slowly and evenly otherwise the grinds will not be fully covered by the water. If you pour too fast, you will also spill over the edges, resulting in grinds leaking into your mug.
  • Ensure that the water is not being poured in right after being boiled, but let it sit for about 1 minute after being boiled otherwise you will burn the grinds resulting in a burnt flavour and aroma in your coffee.
  • For a weak coffee, grind the beans to a coarse grind. For a stronger coffee, grind them a little finer. For an espresso, grind the beans super fine with the texture being just slightly more coarse than a powder.
  • It’s best to use about 2 1/2 scoops (tbsp) of beans per coffee mug, however when experimenting with different coffee beans, and your own tastes, this is only a general guideline.
  • When buying coffee beans, resist the urge to be lazy and have the beans ground for you at the store. As tempting as this is, you will miss out on the freshness of your coffee after your first couple of cups. As soon as you can smell the coffee, it’s already slowly starting to go stale. Store your beans tightly sealed in the bag, inside of another airtight container. Purchase only small bags at a time to prevent the chances of your coffee going stale. Invest in a grinder for your own personal use at home, there are many available in every price range. Lastly, only grind the amount of beans that you need to use at that time.

Starbucks Christmas Blend


2 comments on “Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee – Product Review and Tips

    • One could say that about many things, eh… 😉

      In all seriousness though, when I mixed some cinnamon in with regular
      coffee after grinding it, it had the same “festive flavour”. So it almost makes me think that they dropped some cinnamon into a bag of one of their original breakfast blends… But it’s still tasty.

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