Something that seems as if it has popped up out of nowhere in so many foods in the grocery stores, has actually been around for quite some time. You can see it in many breads, cereals, smoothies and more. You can also add it in to so many different recipes, your options really are endless! It’s easy enough to just know that flaxseed is good for you, but what is flaxseed really all about? Here’s some general information from about.com on this lovely little seed!


  • -High in omega-3 fatty acids (“good” fats)
  • -High in fiber (contains both soluble and insoluble)
  • -High in lignans (“lignans” act as phytoestrogens and antioxidants)
  • -High in many B vitamins, magnesium and manganese.
  • -Low in carbohydrates.
  • -Good for starch and sugar restricted diets.
  • -Very filling and great for weight loss/maintenance programs.
  • -Comes in 3 forms: oil, whole seeds, ground seeds. Whole seeds cannot be digested and the benefits are not absorbed. Oil is low in fiber content. Ground seeds is the best option for maximum benefits.
  • -Canada is great for growing flaxseed because of the cooler weather conditions.
  • -Comes in two colours: reddish-brown and golden brown. Colour has no effect on the nutritional value.
  • -Best to refrigerate ground flaxseed. Shelf life (in the refrigerator) is up to four months. Whole seeds can last up to one year.
  • -Recommended daily intake is about 1-2 tbsp ground flaxseed.
  • -Ground flaxseed has a slightly nutty taste.
  • -Can be mixed into almost any food, baked goods, and is great in yogurt or smoothies. Can also be used in salad dressing.
  • -Works great as an egg substitute when mixed with water. (1 tbsp of ground flaxseed with 3 tbsp of water forms the equivalent of 1 egg!)

Click here for more detailed information on flaxseed on about.com.

You can also get more information on flaxseed on the website for the Flax Council of Canada.


2 comments on “Flaxseed

  1. Nikki! That’s so exciting! Congrats on the new home.
    Milton is close to us too. We’re in Hamilton area. We can get together more often. YAY!
    Also, I can’t wait to see how the cake turns out. I’m reading through your blog and you really have a talent.

    • Aw, thank you Amy 🙂
      We’re really excited to be moving, Milton is such a beautiful area, and I’m really looking forward to all of the farmer’s markets that open up in the summer literally right at our doorstep! 🙂
      And maybe you guys should COME to our housewarming party when we have it, so that you can see (and taste) the cake! 🙂
      Thank you again.. 🙂

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