House Cake Project: Stage 3 – Decorating My 2nd Cake With Rolled Fondant

I’m posting this installment of my cake project in March, however it was created in February… But that’s okay, right? 😉

For Joe’s return from a work trip in England, I decided to make him something extra special! 🙂 He’s very much into his work, plays a big roll in all that he does for the company he works for, and really just loves his job (which is more than can be said for so many people). He also loves food. A lot. So I decided to draw up a few designs for a cake related to the company that he works for! Joe works in the information technology area of DHL, but I didn’t think a cake shaped like a computer would work with the look I was going for, so I decided on a delivery truck cake.

Unfortunately, the actual cake didn’t quite turn out how I had hoped… This is a learning experience though, so even unexpected results are welcomed! As with my previous heart shaped mini cake, this post has no focus on the recipe, but instead is focused on the process of decorating the cake with rolled fondant.

My lesson learned from this cake is a lesson that I also learned from a teacher back when I was in highschool: KISS (keep it simple, stupid!). Meaning, that for now, I should keep the design ideas simple. Regardless, it was a fun challenge to work on this cake! 🙂

Note: Between steps 4 and 5, I forgot to include a note saying to cover the cake in icing prior to applying the rolled fondant. This is necessary to ensure that the fondant “sticks” to the cake. Make the icing on the cake as smooth as possible to aviod any imperfections being shown through the fondant.


6 comments on “House Cake Project: Stage 3 – Decorating My 2nd Cake With Rolled Fondant

  1. That’s so cool! I need to try this. I always watch Ace of Cakes and wonder if I could do that. Such a nice b-day present idea too, because you get a piece 🙂

    • hahahhaa It’s definitely a gift that everyone gets to enjoy. 😉
      It’s so much easier than you’d think, too! I mean, elaborate designs are tough obviously… But the basic covering of a cake with rolled fondant is so much easier than I thought it would be!
      I’m working on a design for a super special cake, and I’m anxious about it, but I can’t post the details of it yet… Not this coming Monday, but the Monday after I will have a new post for the House Cake Project!

    • For fondant, I’ve really just used trial and error…

      On the Wilton Cakes website (they’re the company that makes a really good fondant that I use) They have some great tips and pointers that I’ve followed since starting out. I’m not too sure how good I’d be at explaining it, because I’m just learning how to use the stuff myself, so here’s the links to the steps!

      ^That’s a link to the decorating page on the website. There’s a section on decorating with fondant, and it gives you different options like cake shapes and stuff…

      ^That’s the link to decorating a circle shaped cake with fondant.

      These are great general guides that will definitely explain how to do this MUCH better than I can explain. 😉 I hope this helps!

      A couple of things though, they say to use the rolling pin to place the fondant onto the cake. I don’t do this, I just use my hands as if it were pizza dough… Much easier for me! I’ve also added in a bit of vanilla sugar to my fondant as I’m working it, as it gives a really pleasant flavour.
      The covering is really the easy part, much easier than covering a cake with regular icing from my experience. It’s just practice for getting the right thickness of the fondant, and applying the fondant without ripping it… I’ve ripped it a few times… :-\ The fun part of fondant, is being able to use it as a molding clay to make figures for a cake… I’ll post the pictures/entry shortly for the baby shower cake that I did, I actually made a teddy bear out of fondant. (Added cocoa powder to the fondant to make it brown.)

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