Starbucks “However-You-Want-It” Frappuccino – Review

Oh Starbucks, I could write a poem to express my love for thee…

Cups of white with circle green,

Filled with the brewed coffee bean.

Frothy milk,


Creamy topping.

A double-shot?

My heart is stopping.

Drizzle to your heart’s content,

To buy your brew,

I’ll forgo my rent.

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve always felt that I was the reincarnation of some great poet… *sigh* The emotional connection that I have to Starbucks really DOES bring out the poet in me… Brings a tear to my eye almost… Okay, maybe not.

As much as I constantly mock their higher-than-necessary prices for their tasty beverages, I’ve got to say that the Starbucks company is brilliant. Creating beverages that faithful customers literally crave {and need}, and putting them at a price that definitely causes your wallet to lose a pound or two {hah, I know there’s an opportunity for a pun or joke in there somewhere… I’ll leave it be…} is genius. Of course there are some of us out there that love to mimic the drinks at home, and with some success needless to say! But nothing beats going on a walk through the city on a nice hot day {or cold day}, and popping into the eclectic coffeehouse to purchase an ice-cold {or steaming hot} treat.

Fact about my life: Joe {who’s now my husband} and I had our first date at a Starbucks. What a shocker, eh? 😉

All over the place, I see signs and ads for the “however-you-want-it frappuccino”. I’ve tried this a few different times already… The first time, I ordered a “tall non-fat java chip frappuccino with 1 pump of peppermint syrup and 1 shot of espresso”. Wow, that’s a lot to say for just one drink… Anyways, I walked out of there with a “tall light caramel frappuccino”. Still not quite sure how that happened… Either way, it tasted great anyways!

The second time, I ordered the same drink as the first time, and got it. The taste? Meh, I’ve had better… {Maybe the wrong drink order the first time was the barista’s way of telling me “your drink choice sucks, try this, it’s better.”}

So the third time, I was a little worried. Maybe Starbucks is giving us too much choice! I decided I was going to try something completely different from my first two. I don’t like soy milk, so this whole “strawberry soy” thing that everyone is mentioning just made me sad. But wait, what’s that? I can change whatever I want in the drink? I can order any type of milk I like? Perfect! I ordered a “tall non-fat milk strawberry frappuccino with whipped cream”, and oh boy was I ever happy I did! This is probably my favourite frappuccino from Starbucks yet! With the exception of a drink they had years ago when I was in highschool… This drink was called the “tazzo berry frappuccino blended cream”, and it tasted like a piece of heaven with a glob of tazzo-berry juice. Don’t ask me what “tazzo-berry juice” is, because I don’t know. But what I do know is that it tasted better than anything that Starbucks has ever made… This strawberry frappuccino comes in at a close second in the cold-beverage category for me!

I must add, that the “low calorie” frappuccinos are also worth trying! The “Mocha Light Frappuccino” really tickled my taste buds, and didn’t taste low calorie at all! For a tall, it’s only 100 calories! You can’t go wrong with that… 😉

I’ll stop rambling now. Go, to Starbucks, and order one of these! “Tall non-fat milk strawberry frappuccino with whipped cream”. Go, do it! Here’s a picture of it before I quickly inhaled it.

The definition of Joy.

The definition of Joy.


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