What The Google, Foodie?

I love looking at the search engine terms that bring people to my blog in the stats section of WordPress. I’ve been a little shocked to see that some search engine terms match the titles of my blog posts verbatim {creepy, or cool?}, while I’ve seen some strange ones such as “drinking chocolate nikki”. {Yeah, that one really confuses me… 😉 I’m not chocolate, and you can’t drink me. Sorry…}

Sometimes, I wish I could contact the people who search for these things and ask them just what they were expecting to find…

Here’s a list of some search engine terms from yesterday, and I’ve decided to add in my own commentary to go along with it! I encourage all of you other bloggers out there to check out the stats section of your blogs, it’s fun to see what other people in the interweb-world are interested in!

  • Drinking Fondant Cake -Don’t drink the cake. Or the fondant. And please, don’t drink a fondant cake. If it’s in liquid form, I’m sure it won’t taste too great…
  • Tomato Salsa Chunky Tortilla Chips -I hope it’s the salsa that’s chunky, and not the tortilla chips… If your chips have chunks on them, it may be time to throw them out…
  • Baby Block Fondant Cake Pictures
  • Does Banana Bread Need Eggs? -No, they do not. You can use many substitutes. I’ve used a flaxseed and water substitute many times with great results. Egg and dairy free banana bread is great!
  • Roasted Apple Chips -Um, roasted? Please don’t “roast” your apples to get chips. It’s fruit, not a hunk of beef. Here’s a recipe for some BAKED apple chips. Low temperatures, patience, and light seasoning.
  • Sample Muffin Fondant -Why would you put fondant on a muffin? Save it for cakes, cookies or cupcakes! Muffins and pies need not apply!
  • What flour To Use When Making Pasta From -Any flour you like! Unbleached is best if using white flour, or try any other type you like. Making pasta from scratch is super simple!
  • Need the list for fondant vanilla strawb -Um..?
  • Tim Hortons Icing In A Bag -I didn’t know that Tim Hortons has their own bag icing for sale, I guess that’s awesome… Still not sure how this brought a viewer to my blog…
  • Banana Mini Muffins -Yum! 🙂 I’ve made some tasty peanut butter & chocolate banana mini muffins. Maybe I’ll make those again really soon!
  • Salted Toffee Water This one was from today… I added it in because it reminds me of “hot dog flavoured water” from Limp Bizkit… Ah, the good old days… 😉 I’d imagine that salted toffee water would be pretty nasty… I understand that there’s “new and exciting” flavours of water out there today, but please, let’s just keep toffee to food/candy and coffee, okay? Thanks! 🙂  

A cute closing note, my husband told me that one time he searched “I love cookwithnikki” and clicked onto my blog from the search results so that I’d see a romantic little message from him in my stats, but I never saw it… 😦 So not ALL searches that lead to your blog will be visible. I appreciate his thought though. 🙂

What the Google?

What the Google?


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