Soma Chocolatemaker – Review

There’s so much to say about this place! 🙂 Where to start…

Every chocolate lover dreams about places where chocolate is created. Flavours added to beautiful brown bars, creative fillings draped in a coating of velvety smooth chocolate, a wide assortment of nuts and fruit intermingled with that sinfully desirable dark indulgence… Visiting a place like this truly is an experience that all chocolate lovers should enjoy.

So when looking up different places in Toronto that specialized in chocolate, Soma caught my eye. After reading tons of reviews, I knew I just HAD to go. I kept putting it off because I couldn’t figure out how to get to the Distillery District. The past few weekends have also been hectic {birthday weekend day trip to Niagara on the Lake, packing and cleaning for our big move the next weekend, getting the condo painted and more cleaning the weekend after that}, so this weekend {today actually} was the first chance I had to go down to the St.Lawrence Market for some shopping. While down there, I somehow ended up in Starbucks… So I took the opportunity to “Google map” my way to Soma. I found out it’s SUPER easy to get there! From the St.Lawrence Market, you just walk east on Front Street until you get to Parliment. Then, go south on Parliment until you get to Mill Street. Then, go east on Mill Street for a couple of blocks, and you’re in the Distillery District! 🙂 (It’s located on “Tank House Lane”) There are SO many great places there, so while waiting for Soma to open {10am, and I was there at 9am…}, I had a non fat chai latte at Cafe Balzac’s. The latte was really nice, but the service lacked that “friendly” quality I get at Starbucks… I was so let down, but it didn’t ruin my mood! Soma is located in building #48 beside the Soulpepper Theatre.

My Experience At Soma Chocolatemaker

When you walk into this place, the smell that hits you is one of the most amazing things in the world. All you can smell is chocolate, obviously. It’s not that big, so I’d imagine that when it gets busy it could be a little frustrating for people who don’t like crowds. Luckily for me, I got there right when they opened, so there were only a few other people in there. {See, I’m not a freak… There’s nothing wrong with wanting a choco-fix at 10am! 😉 } Shopping around here was pretty nice. Everything is displayed, and priced, so you don’t have to awkwardly ask the sales associate the price of everything. {That’s pretty important to me…} It would be nice if they provided small baskets or something to shop with though, because {as it’s even stated on a sign in the store} handling the chocolate for too long will cause it to melt.

My first tasted item was the Mayan Hot Chocolate. I got the “straight up shot”, and they literally serve it to you in a small cup that looks like a cross between a shot glass and a coffee mug, with no handle. Inside this liquid heaven, there’s: ginger, Madagascar vanilla, orange peel, chilli, and their “Soma blend of spices”. This stuff is amazing. I will repeat myself now: AMAZING! The way this drink tingled my tongue is something I won’t soon forget. You can have the option of adding steamed milk or water to it, but don’t you dare!!!!! Try it, at least once, straight up like this. You will be happy you did… It’s also something you should sip, and not gulp back like a cheap tequila shot on dollar-shot-Wednesdays at your favourite club.

Being in this great smelling place, and staring through the window that looks into the chocolate making room, I couldn’t help but convince myself that I had to buy a few things to take home and try. So, almost $30 later, here are my honest reviews of the products that I purchased!


  • The first truffle I tried was the chai spice. It has milk chocolate on the outside, and a creamy filling that tastes like you’re drinking a chai latte. I really thought I would have enjoyed this more than I did. It didn’t taste bad, but it just wasn’t MY taste. The chocolate part of it was great though; really creamy and rich.
  • The second truffle I tried was the 8 year aged balsamic vinegar. Why did I buy this one? Was it to “try something new”? Was it because I thought that it would taste good? Maybe it was because I thought “there’s no way this actually tastes like balsamic vinegar”… It tastes exactly like balsamic vinegar 8 year aged balsamic vinegar. If that’s what you like, then you will love this truffle! For me, as with the chai spice, it’s not my taste.
  • The third truffle I tried was actually a caramel. It was the butter caramel with fleur de sel. I really, really, really liked this one… I love the whole “sweet & salty” combination, so I was thrilled with the flavour of this! The caramel was so smooth and creamy, not too hard or soft like what you get with many other caramel filled chocolates. The chocolate was very smooth also… Not just by process of elimination, this was my favourite of the 3 truffles I purchased. Yay! 🙂
  • The truffles were priced at $2 each.

Other Items:

  • Whole slice of candied orange peel hand-dipped in dark Peruvian chocolate. Oh… My… YUM. 😀 Have you ever tried those jellied candies that LOOK like a slice of either orange or lemon, and they’re covered in sugar? They’re tasty. THESE are about 1 000 000 000 x’s better than those. This is REAL orange, candied, and then dipped… Wait, you already read the title of this. 😉 And it’s not just the peel. It’s a full slice of orange. Orange + chocolate = some amazing bundle of joy. 🙂 {Price: $3}
  • Whole slow roasted almonds tumbled in Peruvian dark chocolate dusted in cocoa powder. See above, and replace the word “orange” with “almond. 🙂 I love chocolate covered almonds, but after having these I fear that I won’t be able to buy them from anywhere else EVER again. I will be attempting to make these on my own, but I doubt they will turn out as good… {Price: $5 for the 100g bag}
  • Dark Peruvian Chocolate (64%) with Australian ginger – mini bar. This has a pretty nice taste, and you can really taste the ginger {especially if you have one of the little chunks of it in your mouth with the chocolate}, but it is very rich. It’s hard to eat more than one little square of it, so it’s definitely a better idea to stick to the mini bar rather than the larger sized one if you’re just buying it for yourself. I don’t believe I could have any more than one or two squares of this stuff in a day. {Price: $4 for the mini bar}
  • Cacao Nibs. 82% Cacao content. After reading about these on the company’s website, and having a random person at the chocolate store in the St.Lawrence Market tell me how wonderful these are… I can’t believe how awful they taste to me. Eating a couple of them felt like I ate some tobacco mixed with coffee, covered in REALLY dark chocolate. How can something I’ve wanted to try for so long, be something that tastes so horrible to me? This made me really sad… 😦 Maybe this stuff is like beer in the way that it’s an acquired taste… Either way, all I know is that I now have a bag of this stuff that I probably won’t eat. Maybe I’ll find a way to bake with them, or add them to some sort of frozen coffee drink! 🙂 I’m determined to find a way to like these… {Price: $8.50 for the 100g bag}

Okay folks, that’s all for my experience with Soma Chocolatemaker for now! 🙂 I may go back again at some point to try some of their other truffle flavours, but it’s more likely that I’ll try a new chocolate place instead. I’ve heard about this organic chocolate place in Toronto called Delight… They specialize in organic, handmade, fair trade chocolate. Can’t wait to see what they have to offer! 🙂

Mayan Hot Chocolate Shot... Drink up! ;)

Mayan Hot Chocolate Shot... Drink up! 😉

Candied Orange Peel... Or,

these chocolate almonds are really, really good!

these chocolate almonds are really, really good!

Soma Chocolatemaker

Soma Chocolatemaker

where the magic happens ;)

where the magic happens 😉


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