House Cake Project – Butterfly Birthday Cake for Aaliyah’s 1st Birthday

I haven’t done much baking (of cakes anyways) lately, so here is a long overdue house cake project entry! (I’m still not sure of when I’ll be making the actual house cake, but hopefully it’s soon!)
This entry is for my good friend’s baby girl Aaliyah. I was asked, and honoured, to make the cake for her first birthday party! There aren’t any progress photos, as I was putting all of my focus on the cake. The flavours are: cappuccino cake and cappuccino buttercream on the base, and lemon vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream on the top. The cake is covered with rolled fondant, and the flowers were made with gum paste. The butterflies were also made with gum paste, and hand painted with food colouring. (You can mix food coloruing with either vanilla extract or vodka, and just paint it on!) This was my first time working with gum paste, and I loved it! It dries pretty fast, so it’s best to keep whatever you’re not using in a closed plastic bag. Once the pieces that you are making dry, you can easily paint on them. I didn’t make my own gum paste, as I used the Wilton ready-made stuff. It tasted pretty good, and cut out a lot of the work of making my own. (Plus, I’m new to gum paste, so I didn’t want to mess it up!)
So here’s some pictures! 🙂 Everyone seemed to really like the cake, which I’m happy about! I’m also happy I managed to get all of the butterflies and flowers done! This is one of my favourites!
Front view of Aaliyah's cake!

Front view of Aaliyah's cake!

Top view :)

Top view 🙂

Back of the top of the cake

Back of the top of the cake

Side/Back view

Side/Back viewA bit of the details


Front/Sideanother view of the back

And now for a few images I edited in the Instagram App for the iPhone. Things always look so artsy with that App! 🙂


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