Review – Kensingtons Espresso Bar in Kensington Market

On a random urge to wander around the Kensington Market area, I saw this place called “Kensingtons Espresso Bar” and decided to try it because it had the word “espresso” in the name. I’m a coffee fanatic, and this place claims to have the best coffee in the city. Hmm, I’d have to say that’s not true… It’s good coffee, but far from the best…

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The outside is a little boring, but I like how simple it is. On the inside, it’s cozy, but looks like it needs a little help from Restaurant Makeover. (EDIT: I’ve seen that this place actually has been on Restaurant Makeover… I had a good laugh at that! It actually looks a little run down now compared to how it looked right after the makeover…) This place is pretty big, and in a great location, so it really does have potential to be awesome. Maybe couches/chairs and coffee tables instead of diner-style seating would be an improvement for the owners to consider. The menus are pretty cluttered, so unless you already know what you’re going to order, it may take a while to figure things out… My suggestion is to stick to just a coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, or tea.
Service: I only saw one woman working there, but it wasn’t busy at all so I guess that’s fine. For the size/capacity of the place, I hope that during busier times they have at least one other person working. The woman working there tonight was really friendly though, so no complaints there! 🙂
They have pastries from Dufflets, so again, no complaints there! Though in terms of originality, they should try having their own baked goods instead of getting them from another bakery. It’s always a let down when I go into a cafe, and they’re selling someone else’s food. I didn’t try any of their cooked foods, because I had a funny feeling that I would have been waiting for a while to be served… So I ordered a lemon tart (mmmmmm!!!!!), and an espresso. The espresso was pretty good (but not the city’s best), not sure what brand of coffee they use though. I also didn’t know if they had any specialty drinks because as mentioned above, the menu at the front was too cluttered to actually read.
Wow. For an espresso and a lemon tart, I paid between $7-$8. That’s pretty much what I’d spend at Starbucks for one of my usual orders (beverage and a treat). So after paying, my expectations were that the coffee and treat would be better than what I can get at Starbucks. Not so much… In fact, for that price, I can go to the cafe down the road from where I live and order: 1 coffee, 1 espresso, and 2 fancy pastries. And the place down the road from me is pretty darn good… At the risk of sounding cheap, it was a bit expensive for what I got. I’ve read that they have that $3.99 breakfast, so there’s obviously cheaper items there, but I haven’t seen anything good about it on here, so I’d probably never order it.
This place really does have potential to be a great hang out spot, but to be honest I would probably go to a Starbucks instead. That way, if I’m paying $7 for my coffee and treat, at least I know it’s going to be amazing.

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