Cook With Nikki – Signing Off

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all so much for reading Cook With Nikki. I’ve had so much fun writing in this blog over the years, and have gone through so many changes since starting it up.

One of the biggest changes I’d say that I’ve been through, is having gone vegan. I’ll spare any readers a long entry on why I chose to go vegan, or why I remain on a diet where I no longer consume animal products… But what I will say is that it was one of the best decisions that I could have ever made for my body.

I’m still writing, and posting recipes – head on over to to check some of them out!

I will still keep this blog up for now, but over time I plan on taking some of my older recipes and re-vamping them into a vegan (raw or cooked) version of an old goodie.

This is a difficult decision, as when I look back I almost feel like if I erase this blog, I’m erasing a big part of my life. It’s a long process of letting go, but it’s something that has to be done. As much as I love sharing recipes, what I don’t love is knowing that people may come across this blog and see recipes that include animal products and assume that it’s something that “Cook With Nikki” (sorry to refer to myself in 3rd person) finds acceptable.

I’ve come to realize that there is not one single good reason to use animal products in the foods which we consume. Again, I won’t go into my beliefs here – but just wanted to let any of you who may still be reading this know that I’m not just abandoning my blog – rather, I’m moving on.

Have a great day everyone, and I hope to see you all at my new blogging home –