Who’s Nikki? O.o

So, if you’ve come to this “About Me” section of my blog, you’re obviously wondering “who is this pretty girl that’s filling my computer screen with tasty recipes, and random pictures of stuff that I want to eat?” That is a valid curiosity… Allow me to put it to rest! I’ll keep it simple the best way I know how:

This recipe serves 1 dog, and a bunch of friends and family. Please note: Nikki is a vegan dish with no dairy, eggs, fish, or meat, and sometimes she is served up raw.


Ingredients and Interests:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Visual Arts and Photography
  • Writing/Blogging
  • By day, I work in the advertising industry – specifically, in digital media
  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Watching movies
  • Eating (mostly healthy)
  • Going on random adventures to new places around Toronto
  • The Puppy
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Fitness / Yoga / Weight Training
  • Healthy Lifestyle -This, along with fitness, is such a big part of my life!
  • Coffee and tea
  • Chocolate! In extreme moderation! I’ll never give up chocolate…
  • Trying new things
  • Variety
  • Cinnamon & Vanilla
  • Almond Milk! What an amazing thing.
  • Sleep -Oh sleep, how I miss you.
  • Farmers’ Markets
  •  Did I mention the puppy already? Yeah? Well he deserves a second mention, because he’s amazing.
  • Travel. Anywhere. 🙂
  • Movies that have fight scenes mixed with classical music
  • Watching movies… ANY movies… Seeing the product of someone’s imagination come to life is just astounding.
  • Food, food and MORE food!

Methods To Her Madness:

  • In a large bowl, mix all ingredients.
  • Stir well, but don’t touch her hair. Seriously.
  • Place in a glass baking dish, and bake at 350 F for 30 minutes. {Edges will be golden brown.}
  • Remove from oven, and allow to cool on rack for 15 minutes prior to serving.
  • Optional: Can be served with a heaping spoonful of awesome.
  • Garnish with cinnamon and chocolate curls. something healthy. Like apples. Or walnuts. Or dates, I love dates!

For any additional information, feel free to putter around my blog. There’s a variety of different recipes from salt water toffee to tabbouleh. {I REALLY like variety in food!} If you have any questions/comments/requests/rants/letters to Santa, leave it here or send me an email! I don’t bite… Unless you’re made out of chocolate. 😉

Have a great day everyone! 🙂 Here’s some pictures, because we all like to take pictures of ourselves. It preserves the youth, or something like that…

For the most updated pictures of randomness in my day-to-day life, check out my pictures uploaded onto my Twitter account! 🙂

Winter Time! Yay!

Winter Time! Yay!

Actually... Ugh. I don't really like the winter. O.o

Actually… Ugh. I don’t really like the winter. O.o

:) Hi! *waves*

🙂 Hi! *waves*

A great artist created an oil painting in my name. {Okay... It's really just done in an iPhone photo editing app... ;) }

A great artist created an oil painting in my name. {Okay… It’s really just done in an iPhone photo editing app… 😉 }

Love-puppy and me :)

Love-puppy and me 🙂


10 comments on “Who’s Nikki? O.o

  1. Thanks for your kind comments Nikki.
    The Red Hot Festival was very successful for me, perhaps because I had two products that were not furiously hot and was the only booth offering substantial free sampling.
    I also noticed a great many visitors had stumbled upon the food festival just from strolling in the area, and even with the Red Hot tent metres away from my booth, didn’t realize they were in the midst of a food festival at all.
    I think promotion, signage and membership could be greatly improved with a better effort from the organizers.
    The cost of having a booth was very reasonable at $525 for four days so I hope more food startups make the effort.
    At least this event isn’t covered in corporate sponsorship, (yet) like many of the so called gourmet fairs, like the Wine and Cheese show are, with major commercial interests like Pizza Pizza or Hyundai having the largest square foot exhibits.
    The next event you will want to be sure to attend is the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo in the Metro Convention Centre in .http://www.foodandwineshow.ca/sitepages/
    Again quite a few overexposed companies with mainstream products, but also some interesting restaurant offerings and artisan beer and Niagara wineries. ( that event is super expensive to exhibit at BTW) I’ll be there offering the endive with cream cheese, cranberry and pecan drizzled with pomegranate balsamic, and also with a new sku, a Blueberry-Blackpepper vinegar.
    Cheers, and keep up the good work!

  2. You’re very welcome, and thank YOU for the amazing products you promoted at the festival! 🙂
    I did notice that too, that there was very little advertising for the festival this year. It is unfortunate…
    $525 doesn’t seem too bad at all for the weekend, especially considering it’s a prime location. I know that if I was ever finally at the level of being able to package and sell any sauces that I make, I would definitely find a way to do that…
    And very true, seeing a huge Pizza Pizza sign, or signs everywhere for Smirnoff may not have been the most appealing thing, no body likes having all of that corporate stuff thrown in their face constantly. Even though these bigger companies are big for a reason, it’s nice to be able to go and be surrounded by new up-and-coming products, and meet the creators of these products face-to-face.

    I will check out the information for that Food and Wine Expo for sure! Nothing is better with gourmet food than a great bottle of wine. 🙂

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  4. Hi Nikki! I found your blog through Discuss Cooking and I love it. You seem to be a nice person and I really admire you for your cooking skills, your will to share the recipes and experiences with us and your outgoing posts.
    Hopefully with your blog I will experience new cooking adventures.

    Best Wishes,

    Yue 😀

    • Thanks for reading, and thanks for the compliments, they’re much appreciated! 🙂
      If you have any suggestions for recipes that you may want to see a different take on, let me know and I’ll try to whip something up. 🙂

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