Food Photography Obsession – 4 Years of Foodie Memories

This is a little random [and quite off-topic for this blog] but today as I was taking a [yet another] picture of one of the drinks I made in the juicer, I wondered when my obsession with taking pictures of food started. Also, I wondered about when my obsession with food in general started, but that’s much harder to figure out…


So, I went onto my FaceBook page [yes, I have FaceBook…] and took a quick peek into my foodie album. To date, I have 179 pictures in that album, and my first one dates back to June 2008. WOWZERS! Some are silly pictures, but some are pretty good. Which really motivates me to go and get a better camera, and put a little more effort into staging the pictures. [90% of the pictures in that album are shot with either an iPhone 3G-S or an iPhone 4S] Once school’s finished up and I actually have more time, I look forward to indulging in my artistic and foodie side a little more… I miss it!


Anyways, instead of me chatting about the pictures, how about you go take a look yourself?

Check out the pictures here! I have the gallery open to the public. 


Note to the vegans/vegetarians: There are dishes that contain meat in this gallery, as a lot of these were taken before I went vegan. One thing I’m excited to do is go back to a lot of my old recipes (many of the pictures have links to blog posts with recipes) and go “veganize” them! That should be fun! 🙂


Here’s a few of the pictures that I like!



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