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What are blogs if not a place to inspire and be inspired? Blogging is a great way to share your ideas and thoughts with other people who share your passion. It’s also a great way to ignite new ideas, or get advice from people with experience. Food blogs are like cook books (but better) because they not only showcase amazing recipes, but they also give that personal touch of interaction with the author. Plus, isn’t it a little narcissistic if we never pay attention to others around us? Here are some foodie blogs I’ve come across that I enjoy looking at from time to time, either for fun or for inspiration, because having other creative people share their ideas with the world is probably the greatest form of inspiration. 🙂 There’s either some great creative recipes, great photography, or the blog is just interesting over all. If I feel the urge to attempt a recipe from any of these blogs, rather than just re-posting the recipe, I will post a link to the recipe on their page so that you can check it out for yourself!

This list will most likely have new blogs added each month, so keep checking back!


Here is a list of some interesting foodie websites that make me smile! I’ll try to update this list on a monthly basis, so check back soon. 🙂

Healthy Muslim

  • No, I’m not promoting a religion {I don’t currently “follow” a religion, although I am spiritual}, and this isn’t a website about the Muslim Religion. This is a full directory of amazing health-and-food-related articles. My favourite article is one on the health benefits of garlic, but there are SO many more articles on this website published every day that it’s really worth checking out every so often! There are recipes too, so check it out!


  • All about macaroons! Just visit this website, as my explanations won’t do the amazing photos and recipe links any justice what-so-ever. 😉

Definition of a “Foodie”

  • Well, here it is folks. The Wikipedia definition of a “Foodie”. “Obsessively interested in all things culinary” pretty much sums it up for me! 🙂

5 to 10 a Day

  • A website dedicated to nutrition and better health. Information, articles, tons of recipes and more!

101 Things You Need To Know About Raw Food

  • This website’s name says it all. It is a page filled with 101 Things you need to know about raw food. Great tips, links to more information, the perfect way to introduce yourself to more information about raw food.

I Like It Raw! Do You?

  • This website has more information, links and articles on the lifestyle of a raw food diet. The author of the page has a cheeky way of talking about things, but definitely knows his stuff!

The Fresh Loaf

  • This website has anything and everything that you need for simple bread baking. Let’s just say that if you love bread, you’ll love this website! 🙂

The Wicked Noodle

  • The Wicked Noodle is a blog/website that allows users to submit a recipe and/or promote their foodie blog. You don’t have to register, and it has an easy to use submit form where you can submit the recipe, picture and link to your blog.

The Leftover Queen Forums

  • This website is a great forum website to interact with other foodies. You can talk about recipes, food tips and promote your blog.

Canadian Living

  • My favourite cookbook is a Canadian Living cookbook that I received as a gift. So it’s no wonder that I love their website! The food section of Canadian Living has a lot of great recipes, tips and information.

Whole Foods Market

  • Whole Foods Market is a grocery store that sells organic foods. There’s a beautiful location in downtown Toronto. Address, hours of operation and contact information are on their website. Also, they have an awesome little recipe App for the iPhone that is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already! Whole Foods is a (little) bit pricey, but the freshness of their produce and organic foods is really worth it! Also, their website has a large recipe section with some creative ways to be healthy, and budget-conscious options.


  • This website is for a company that makes many different items for baking needs. The main reason that I like this company so much is not just because of their exceptional products (the rolled fondant is great!), but because on their website they also give you detailed information on how to do almost anything in regards to baking and all that surrounds it. They also have tons of recipes and fun ideas for decorating cakes, cookies and more!

Joy Of Baking

  • This website contains a great collection of all information to do with baking. It includes proper methods for baking, explanations of those methods, great pointers, a brief history of some recipes, and an amazing assortment of tasty recipes.

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      I think I found your blog on one of those automatically generated “related blog” lists that pops up at the bottom of most blog entries.. Either that, or I may have done a search for something about strawberries and wandered onto yours 🙂

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