Review: President’s Choice Chocolatey Chai Herbal Tea

I’ve always loved coffee, and hot chocolate, and any type of fancy coffee-type-beverage… And I’ve always been pretty vocal about my love for these things…

However, I don’t want it to seem that I’m leaving tea in the dust. My favourite tea to drink is Earl Grey, mainly because the smell of the bergamot orange (the oil extracted from the rind, not the whole fruit) reminds me of fruit loops. It’s got such a pleasant smell and taste… But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. 🙂 There is now a close second, almost tied for first, tea in my life.

Every week at No Frills, I walk past the tea and coffee aisle at least ten times. I walk by this random “chocolatey chai herbal tea”, and think to myself “what an unusual tea.” The price was really what tempted me to buy it, being $2.00 for a box of 20 bags.

So I brought this tea home, a little skeptical, but quite eager to try it. As soon as I opened the box, the scent of chocolate filled my nose. Oh wow… It smelled amazing! Chai spices mixed with chocolate. Such a smooth smell… I still didn’t get my hopes up though, because I’ve been let down so many times with tea that smells this good. A few types of green tea that I’ve had smelled wonderful, but tasted like shi something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

I poured some boiled water (after letting it sit for a minute of course – never pour boiling water over a tea bag!) over the thirsty tea bag waiting in my mug, and let it steep for 3 minutes. After the first minute, I could smell the spices and cocoa from the other room. I added a spoon of turbinado sugar, and a tiny bit of lactose free coffee whitener (I still can’t drink tea black…), and took my first sip. After I was finished swearing from burning my tongue, I drank that cup of tea faster than I’d drink a bottle of water after a hard work-out! It was amazing.


Again: Amazing!

It has a smooth flavour with a bit of a bite to it, similar to regular chai tea, but with a lovely aroma of cocoa. It almost makes me think of chai tea with chocolate milk almond milk. Hmm… Maybe a chai latte with chocolate milk almond milk.

Here’s a picture of the box, and of the ingredients and nutrition information:

This is some good tea! :)

This is some good tea! 🙂

nutrition info

nutrition info

Please note: this is not a sponsored review. These are my genuine, unbiased opinions.

President’s Choice Chocolatey Chai Herbal Tea


6 comments on “Review: President’s Choice Chocolatey Chai Herbal Tea

    • Hi Sandra, I just checked the box and it doesn’t say anything about being caffeine-free, so I’m guessing it does have caffeine…

  1. I love this herbal tea as a latté. Use scalded skim milk and pump for a bit in a milk frother. So indulgent!

    Technically it isn’t decaffeinated, because there is a tiny bit of cocoa. Most of the chocolate flavour comes from the carob content. It’s still amazing!

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