An Update!

Alright folks, it’s time to find some motivation… I’ve been slowly getting myself back into the kitchen, with most things being strongly influenced by health/fitness.
I promise (and I know I say this a lot) that I will be updating this soon! Somehow blogs take a backseat to everything else in life – especially when it’s just a blog for fun and not for anything else.

Anyways, there is one blog that I update daily – Vegan Fitness with Nikki – a blog exploring some stuff on fitness, food, and my journey through P90X. Determined to make it to day 90 this time around, I ramble on aimlessly about my ups and downs of the crazy fitness program, and hopefully offer some form of motivation to others who think they can’t actually DO P90X – because if I can get through it, anyone can. Seriously.

There WILL be more recipes posted here soon… But in the mean time, hop on over to my other blog OR come check me out on my Twitter account. I’m also up on Instagram! 🙂


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