Stonemill Bakehouse Bread – Review

So I’m a bit of a bread-snob… I love bread, it’s probably one of my favourite foods… but I won’t eat Wonderbread {or anything similar}, and maybe this makes me a bad person, but that’s okay. Something about bread that has the texture of spongey foam just turns me off…

Walking into a grocery store or bakery can be overwhelming at times. There are SO many different types of breads, not to mention flavours… Wanting to always know what I’m putting into my body, I find it hard to just randomly buy bread that’s shipped in from some random factory, so I did a bit of research in the past few weeks to find bread that I could enjoy guilt-free.

Stonemill Bakehouse makes amazing bread. Yes, AMAZING. They not only use 100% whole grains in their breads, but they’re also trans-fat free. They also have a variety of different flavours for their breads and bagels, putting them a step above your average whole grain loaf. Click here to visit their website. They have a full FAQ section, tons of information about their products, their history, and they even have a recipe section.

This brand of bread/bagels can be purchased at the St.Lawrence Market, MANY grocery store locations {No Frills, Rabba, Loblaws, and Longo’s just to name a few}, or you can even go to the Stonemill Bakery Outlet Store located in Toronto {426 Nugget Ave., Tues – Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 8am-3pm}.

My favourite bread by Stonemill is the 11 Whole Grains: Grains & Honey bread. This particular one keeps it simple, with not too much going on with the crust {I’m not really a fan of too many seeds and stuff on the crust of my bread}, and has a rich and hearty {yet somehow still light} texture with a hint of honey flavour. A REALLY nice bread to put a little almond butter on, or even some pitted honey dates! {Yum!} The slices are not too thick, but they are full of {good} carbohydrates, fiber and protein! {Ps: There’s only 60 calories per slice! 😉 Nice!}

Tasty Bread!

Tasty Bread!

check out the info!

check out the info!

Good to know!

Good to know!

Mmmm... Yummy bread with sweet tasty pitted dates!

Mmmm... Yummy bread with sweet tasty pitted dates!


6 comments on “Stonemill Bakehouse Bread – Review

  1. MMM bread is a weakness of mine, I must admit. Although I do not mind light spongey bread. I wonder if we have Stonemill in any of our local stores…

    • What a wonderful weakness to have! 😉
      They have a store locator on their website, so depending on where you live, there may be a retailer that sells this brand near you! 🙂

        • That’s awesome! 🙂 Yeah, I saw it at Whole Foods when I went a month or so ago… I wish that grocery store wasn’t so expensive hahahaha, otherwise I’d shop there more often. It’s a really cute “small town” type of grocery store, really refreshing to see something like that in the heart of Downtown Toronto. 🙂

  2. In Sweden they have finally started opening real bakeries again – after decade sof purely industry-manufactured breads.
    Sourdough is back. No preservatives, and fresh every day. I love it!
    julia (another bread snob, but you can’t help it beinf from Germany or Switzerland 🙂 )

    • That’s awesome about the real bakeries! 🙂 Freshly baked bread truly is an art, and there’s nothing like the smell of that art early in the morning when going into the bakery… 🙂
      Maybe that’s why I like bread so much; the German and Scottish background of mine inspires the love of carbohydrates and yummy food!
      I can only imagine how wonderful bakeries in Germany or Switzerland would be, maybe some day I’ll find out… 🙂

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